You probably want to know a bit about the person entrusted with the last farewell to your loved one.

On a personal level I like to think I can offer kindness & sensitivity to the bereaved; respect for & interest in the deceased; & an ability to remain calm & maintain the flow of a ceremony whilst simultaneously allowing necessary emotions to surface.

My background enables me to plan structure & content in a coherent & intimate portrait of the person who has died. & the result of client/therapist interchange has developed empathy as I listen & take case-histories, tailoring my response to individual needs. It has also required extensive reading into alternative methods of dealing with emotional upheaval, responding with sensitivity & providing the most comprehensive level of service possible.

No one wants to dwell on Funerals that have resulted only in knowing what you DON”T want! What I wanted for my loved ones was a time to celebrate their lives so that their death didn’t seem like such a waste. Personally, I want someone kind, warm, sympathetic, capable & trustworthy - who acts with an experience of death, not afraid of, or embarrassed by, my grief. I also want someone who cares about their appearance & not as if they had come straight from gardening, like a vicar I once knew!

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